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Car Hire Valencia Airport

The big question is; should you rent or lease a car at Valencia Airport? Just like many other European countries, Spain offers both options for travelers through their diversified companies. You must be wise enough to choose between the two options which you feel is better than the other for satisfying your needs. Both have their own merits and demerits which you will have to give serious considerations. For car rental, you will be able to choose that option if you are around for a few days or weeks.

No residence restrictions

Car rental companies don’t have residence restrictions for their services which will be a benefit if you are travelling briefly. When you have a short-term lease for your car, it will allow for significant savings to the overall cost. But, that option is very selective on people who can seek car leases since not anybody will travel to Spain and get to lease a car for short-term. Car rentals usually have restrictions on age for those to seek their services.

For instance, the minimum age is 21-25 while maximum is 70 but it will largely depend on the company you have engaged. As long as you are 18 years and above, short-term car lease services will be available for you and they don’t have maximum age requirements. When you choose to rent a car at Valencia Airport, you will not experience any limitations on the type of car to hire. Rental companies have a wide range of cars that you can choose the best one from while for short-term lease, you will be restricted to a few.

Anytime you seek car rental services, it will be an opportunity to enjoy using the car you want. Whereas a rented car can pick and drop you from any point whether at Valencia Airport or within the city center, short-term leased cars have authorized points where they operate from. They will not pick or drop you if it’s not an authorized point. You will have flexibility of choices when using car hire services. Other differences will come in the form of VAT charges at the airport as well as insurance covers.

Car rentals are beneficial

All in all, it is always good and advantageous for you to use car rental services compared to leasing. You must make sure that is given top consideration when seeking for the best ground transportation at Valencia Airport.

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