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Car Hire Bilbao Airport

Many people visiting Spain via Bilbao Airport prefer to hire a car for freedom of movement during their stay in the country. A rental car allows you to explore the various Spanish cities at your own pace. With a rental car, you don’t have to deal with belligerent taxi drivers or a confusing transport system. However, a rental can be a nightmare if you don’t take care when booking it. To ensure that you get the rental car for your needs, you need to do the following.

  • Pick the right rental car company - The best thing to do is use a car hire comparison site to pick the right rental company for your needs. Many visitors to Spain via Bilbao Airport prefer to pick a car at the airport, but this is wrong as airport rental companies tend to charge quite high rates. You can find cheap rental services through comparison sites and save a lot of money. If you still want to pick your rental at Bilbao Airport when you arrive in Spain, this can be arranged by the rental agency you choose. You don’t have to hire a car from airport rental companies to ensure that a rental is waiting for you on your arrival at the airport.
  • Carefully dissect the rates offered - Rental car rates are a combination of some charges. It is important that you find out exactly what a quote is comprised of before booking a rental. You don’t want to pick your rental at Bilbao Airport and find out that either you don’t have adequate insurance or your car is missing some crucial add-ons. Make sure that you pick the rental agency that provides you with affordable rates and all the extras you need.

Also, you must specify the pickup and drop off points. Do you want to pick the car at Bilbao Airport or at a spot outside of the airport? Make sure you make your specifications clear to avoid confusion on arrival to Spain.

Always check the reputation of a rental agency before using their services. This will involve checking for reviews online and calling them in person to clarify matters with them. If possible, visit their physical address so that you are not hoodwinked by a non-existent car hire company.

It’s generally preferable to choose large, well-known companies because they offer wider choices for pick-up and drop-off points. These companies normally have offices in airports such as Bilbao Airport and they often offer great discounts to companies.

These are a few things to consider the next time you look for car hire services for use during your stay in Spain.

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