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Car Hire Inverness Airport

Many tourists arrive at Inverness Airport and immediately head to the rental service counters to secure a car for the duration of their stay. Travellers are always advised to book rentals in advance but few heed this advice. The result is that they end up paying for insurance at the rental service counter. The problem with purchasing insurance from a rental service is that it’s too expensive. Some people have complained of getting insurance bills from rental companies exceeding the cost of hiring the car.

  • Use third party insurance providers - As a result of car hire companies over charging on insurance, many travellers opt for cheaper alternatives. One way of beating the insurance trap is to purchase your cover from a third party insurance provider. This way you can get a standalone cover and avoid being charged an arm and a leg for insurance cover by the rental company. Hence, for your next trip to the UK via Inverness Airport, you must sort out your insurance cover in advance.
  • Sort out your car insurance before your travel - Some people think that booking a rental car in advance will save them from hefty insurance charges. They think that their rentals have all cover charges pertaining to early bookings. Unfortunately, when they get to the car hire counter at Inverness Airport, they find that they have no adequate cover. Many tourists are then forced to purchase the rental company cover which is often extremely expensive. Hence, sorting out your insurance cover before you travel to a foreign country is important.
  • Scrutinize cheap rental rates - Many tourists fall for the trick of picking the cheapest car hire rates. These people don’t know that the cheaper the rate they are offered, the higher the cost of the insurance. Hence, it's prudent to scrutinize a rental deal and find out what makes up the rate that one is given.
  • Inspect your rental before signing any contract - Keep in mind that all is not lost as with enough care, the issue of car hire insurance should not be a headache for any traveller. If you purchase a standalone cover, you can avoid all these issues. Visitors to the UK via Inverness Airport that purchase standalone insurance cover have little or no problems with insurance costs. The only essential thing when using standalone insurance is to inspect the rental car properly. This is to ensure that you are not blamed for any pre-existing problems with the car. All in all, while rental cars are convenient to have, it is important to ensure that your insurance cover is adequate to avoid unnecessary troubles.

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